Call for Posts on the Effects of COVID-19 on Atlanta

Atlanta Studies wants to share how people are navigating our changing city, and share people’s stories on how they see the city and their neighborhoods transforming as a result of COVID-19.

From Atlanta residents who were already living in the midst of change to Atlanta restaurant, coffee shop, bar, and other business owners forced to temporarily close their businesses, we are looking for stories on how people understood their neighborhoods, their businesses, and themselves as citizens of Atlanta before and during COVID-19.  We recognize that the temporary closures of schools, businesses, places of worship, parks, and cultural institutions have changed the dynamics of our daily lives and is bound to change the energy and ethos of Atlanta in the long term. Yet, the history of Atlanta is entangled in its reputation as a resurgent city that rises from the ashes to continually transform. Given this, what becomes of the city at a time like this? This is why we want to hear from you.

Through a series of stories of 500-1,500 words, we would like to share your first-hand accounts about your neighborhood, work, and businesses, and life before, during, and after COVID-19 so that we can help chronicle our collective understanding of the city, its neighborhoods, businesses, and the ways we are each navigating this crisis to hold on to the spirit of our city. If you are interested in contributing, please email us at with the subject heading “Submission [your last name, first initial]”. 

For more specific details about submissions to the Atlanta Studies Journal, please click here