This gigapan shows the Level 2 Northwest Wall, including neon beer advertisements, sections from a baseball scoreboard, photographs, newspaper articles, and a bicycle. Gigapan image stitched by Ruth Dusseault.

Fall 2023 Atlanta Studies Meetup

Please join us for our upcoming Fall 2023 Atlanta Studies Meetup at Manuel’s Tavern on Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

These quarterly meetings showcase Atlanta-focused projects and bring together a group of folks interested in our city. We will provide a few snacks. Buy your own drinks. Organized by the Atlanta Studies Network.

The Place:

Manuel’s Tavern
602 North Highland Avenue Northeast,
Atlanta, GA 30307

The Plan:

7:00 – Grab some snacks (we will provide a few) and order a drink (that’s on you)

7:15 – Presentations and Q&A

8:30 – Networking, chit chatting, order another drink


Abhik Banerjee / ATL Gastro Carta

The ATL Gastro Carta also known as “South Asian Restaurants in Metro Atlanta: Locating Culture Through Taste” is a Digital Humanities and Media project that engineers a multilayered restaurant map to detect the influence of South Asian food and cuisine in the Atlanta metropolitan area. My undergrad team examines official databases, conducts interviews, and analyzes food-related spaces to understand the politics of demography, history, culture, and law shaping the food culture of Atlanta. We also interrogate the hegemony of Indian food and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the income and management of restaurants. We use the and ArcGIS platforms to combine data visualization and storytelling and maintain an academic website ( for universal access to our project. We utilize essential skills in digital media such as video shooting and editing to create project videos that multiply the dimensions of our research.

John Gibson / Reynoldstown Rangers

The Reynoldstown Rangers seek to build stronger communities, one neighborhood at a time. We give people the tools they need to explore common ground. We trust that in this shared space, they’ll grow to rely on one another. With mapping as our metaphor for human connection in the real world, we turn sidewalks into classrooms, and strangers into teams. Walking the streets with Resident Experts; cataloging hero trees; digging into archives; propagating iconic plants — the Rangers are shaping deeper maps, as many maps as there are neighborhoods. Cartography, curiosity, and compassion are the guideposts. Community is the goal.